Some words from Milena Gillstrom, Owner of Fiber-Seal of Milwaukee

What I like about the area I serve: Serving Milwaukee is special to me because it’s more than a job—it’s about being part of a community that values its homes. The diverse architecture and passionate residents create a unique atmosphere. Adapting to Milwaukee’s distinct seasons, from brisk winters to vibrant summers, adds an extra layer of satisfaction. What I love most is the sense of community, where every Fiber-Seal treatment contributes to the ongoing story of each home, making it more than just a service—it’s a meaningful chapter in the larger narrative of Milwaukee living.

My favorite part of my job: I take genuine joy in admiring the uniqueness of people’s homes and feel privileged to protect their investments. Knowing that I contribute to their peace of mind is truly fulfilling for me. It’s more than a service; it’s an honor to play a role in preserving the memories and dreams within these cherished spaces.

How long our service center has been around: With over 40 years of dedicated service in the Milwaukee area, Fiber-Seal is more than just a business—it’s a family legacy. Our team, rooted in a tradition of excellence, believes passionately that our clients’ fine furnishings will not only receive superior protection but will also maintain a consistently newer appearance for longer.

Athlete’s Spirit: As an avid triathlete, I understand the importance of endurance and precision. Just as I tackle the challenges of a triathlon, I approach each project with determination and a commitment to excellence.

Exploring Wisconsin’s Beauty: Biking across the scenic landscapes of Wisconsin and taking refreshing swims in the lakes around Lake Country inspire me. Much like the attention I give to every detail in my outdoor adventures, I am dedicated to preserving the details that make your home uniquely beautiful.

Family at the Core: Balancing the thrill of an active lifestyle with the joy of being a loving mother to four and a proud grandma to three is at the heart of who I am. This same warmth and care extend to how I treat your home – with the love and attention it deserves.

A Global Heart: Born and raised in Colombia, my multicultural background brings a unique perspective to Fiber-Seal. It’s a fusion of international influence that adds vibrancy to our approach in serving the diverse homes of Southeast Wisconsin. Special Bonds with Special Ed: My experience working with special education kids has taught me the value of patience, understanding, and a tailored approach. This same ethos guides me to ensure each project receives the personalized care it deserves.

Seafood Enthusiast: Despite being far from the ocean, my love for seafood is unwavering. Fiber-Seal brings a similar dedication – overcoming challenges and offering solutions that may seem out of reach, just like bringing the ocean to the Midwest!

At Fiber-Seal Milwaukee, we don’t just protect your interiors; we bring a unique blend of passion, athleticism, family values, cultural richness, and a love for life into every project. Join us in making your home’s story as diverse and vibrant as mine.

Steve Nelson-bw-Fiber-Seal

Founded in 1971 by Steve Nelson

Fiber-Seal is much more than just a fabric protection company. In 1971, consumers were just beginning to embrace the concept of fabric protection. It was an innovative product that could be applied to fabrics, carpeting, and rugs, which would repel liquids and keep fibers cleaner longer—without changing the color or texture! Other protective fabric treatments were available in the marketplace at that time; however, problems were not always prevented, and stains were not as easily removed as expected. In other words, consumers were left to fend for themselves whenever stains or soils occurred. No one was there to help.

Then, our founder, Steve Nelson, took one giant step beyond fabric protection. He saw a need for a specialized company and added local Service Centers as a more convenient way to get our great stain-resistant products into client homes and offices. In addition, having local Service Centers ensured that for more difficult problems or spotting emergencies, help was just a phone call away. In an unprecedented move, he promised complimentary service calls for any spots or spills the client could not remove during the service commitment. Even today, that concept remains a part of our service policy!

Our commitment

Leading solutions for over 50 years

Today, Fiber-Seal is comprised of over 90 territories nationwide, committed to the concept of combining eco-responsible fabric protection products with first-class service. Clients can enjoy their beautiful homes and offices without worrying about pets, messy kids, and boardroom luncheons. Each Service Center is locally owned, employing consultants and technicians who are your neighbors and friends. Members of the Fiber-Seal network share research, upholstery and carpet cleaning expertise, furniture protection tips, information about the newest fabrics and carpeting, and other knowledge that benefits clients every day in every service area.